Carpet Cleaning at its Best

Carpet is a long-term investment. Regular maintenance is better than using powerful chemicals once in awhile. The carpet will last for a long time if it is protected with the right underlay. Carpets can also be cleaned more frequently with gentler chemicals to keep them clean and in good condition.

Another way to make sure your carpet lasts is to use carpets that will suit the region. Once the carpet is laid, it will need to be regularly cleaned with non-toxic cleaners. Stains can be removed from the carpet fibers by fresh start carpet cleaning.

General Carpet Clean

Before you clean your carpets, make sure you consider the type of stains and carpets that you have.

A powdered stain-removal product will work best for carpets with dirt and dust. Powder-based stain cleaners can simply be sprinkled onto the carpets, and then brushed clean.

Use a liquid-based stain eliminator to remove liquid-based stains such as wine, soft drinks, coffee, and other beverages. It is also recommended to use a liquid based carpet cleaner if carpets have become stained from moisture and accumulation of dirt and dust. A powder-based cleaner works well to absorb moisture and remove it from carpet.

The best method for cleaning carpets with steam is to steam clean them. However, this can cause damage to your carpet. The steam cleaning process involves drawing dirt onto the carpet and removing it as soon as it is possible to stain.

A steam cleaner, or a steam vacuumer, uses specially formulated liquid cleaning agents to clean steam. Many non-toxic steam-cleaning chemicals are available. Follow the instructions to use the chemical and the machine.

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