Our Ocean Freight Companies

Shipping goods overseas via ocean freight is known as ocean cargo and companies involved in it are called ocean shipping companies. You may have different items being shipped. All types of goods can be shipped by ocean freight companies, including regular household goods, vehicles, equipment for businesses, and express parcels. Many ocean freight companies offer a variety of services, including packaging and delivery to the loading dock. Curent International Freight, a reliable and safe company, will ensure that your goods arrive in time.

Do’s & Don’ts

Even though shipping is convenient, there are still risks. One of these is being tricked by international shipping companies who may claim to be ocean freight or transportation companies. These scammers do not possess a license. It is crucial to verify the transportation records of ocean freight carriers by looking through them. Ask anyone who has used Bluesea Shipping Lines, Inc for information to minimize risk. Information from ‘Better business bureaus’ and Maritime Commission’ are also helpful in determining safety.

Most companies provide international shipment containers. They are charged a container unit rental fee, which is added to your shipping bill. Services that combine both are usually less expensive. When making a decision, they will provide quotes on size of appropriate international shipping cargo containers. There are many types of containers available, including flat rack, open top, standard and high-cube refrigerators, high-cube dry, flat rack, high cube reefer, highcube dry, high-cube dry and others in different sizes. To help you assess your needs and find the right price for the container, you can look at the volumes, interior dimensions, weight holding capacities and weights online.