Space Saver: A Common Desk For All

Each square inch of office space is now subject to a cost perfect spaces. But how much space can be wasted in office spaces that have individual work stations, private offices or cabins, as well as those with spacious corner offices that are highly sought-after?

It could all be changing. One new approach to conserving work space is quickly gaining ground. It is known as ‘activity-based’ work. It goes beyond the idea of ‘hotdesking. “Hotdesking” allows different people to use the same desk in rotation. They plug in and do their work. Then they check out. They don’t usually belong to the exact same organisation.

The problem with activity-based work is that all private and individual work spaces within an organization are completely eliminated. Instead, there is one shared work space, usually a long desk. If you spot an empty space, just go in and get started. Some people may be away on holiday or in business. They could be at a client meeting or sales call. They can’t use their private offices if they don’t have any. This is a big waste of space. “Activity-based” working makes optimal use of office space.

This makes it easier to have a more relaxed atmosphere. People can move and sit anywhere they want. They also share more than their space. They can share their ideas and be inspired by each other. The eight-hour work day is more enjoyable and, most importantly, more productive. You have a lot of flexibility when activity-based working is used. This opens up the entire work space. It is much more fluid. There are no barriers to keep you from moving. It’s almost like breaking down the barriers to your mind.