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There are many choices when it comes automobile detailing. As the old saying goes: You get what your pay for. There are many variables that affect the cost of car detailing. A sports utility vehicle will likely cost you more than a smaller car. Pricing for car detailing services can also vary depending upon what you want. Visit car detailing san diego before reading this.

Many locations offer a variety of services, such as exterior wash and full service wash, fullservice “plus”, exterior wax, full-service wax, machine buff, wax, interior shampooing and smoke removal, bacterial or mold removal. A few shops may also offer services such as engine steam, scotchguard protection and pin-stripping.

Cost of car detailing can quickly mount up if you don’t know what they charge. It’s important to get a price list from several businesses and details about the services offered at the moment.

For a full-service car detailing, the prices range from $58 to $89. Prices for premium car detailing services start at $147 to $188. The price will depend on whether you own a vehicle such as a van, truck, SUV or car.

Some of the products used by the detailer on your vehicle cannot be purchased in the public. Many chemicals are hazardous and should be handled only by trained professionals.

The price of your vehicle will depend on its size, condition, location, season and the cost to apply the products. Some franchises can offer discounts and adjust prices, while others have set prices and packages. Many detailers offer discounts and packages that can help you save a lot of cash. Many offer coupons and discounts that can be used after a specific number of visits or on the next visit. You may be eligible for discounts ranging from $5 to $50 or on specific packages.

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