How to Use Floor Lamps

In addition to being an easy way to lighten your favorite reading spot, floor lamps can be used in many rooms as accent pieces. Choose wisely, as floor lamps can often become an “anchor” of style in a space. Floor lamps are both portable and convenient. plus a true stand-alone style. To see the best quality products, click on

Although floor lamps are more affordable than hardwired lights, they are not necessarily cheaper. Floor lamps are not recommended for those who want to save money (or just because they’re cheap). Make sure you choose a lamp that will look great and be equally useful in your home. Here are some tips to help you select and use them in your home.

Select the right height. The light from a floor lamp should not be too bright or distracting. The glare from the lamp underneath could make it hard to socialize in a quiet environment. It is important to ensure that the lamp’s light is evenly distributed in the correct direction. A piece with a flattering shade can help.

Attract attention to your most valuable assets. Not only are they a great option for task lighting, but floor lamps can also provide accent lighting. Use a floor lamp to draw your attention towards home accent pieces like artwork or decor.

Pick a style that is flattering. You can find floor lamps in many designs, from ultra-sleek and modern to traditional (think: tasseled shade), They are a great way to “define” a space, just like other lighting fixtures. Make sure you choose one that complements your existing decor. These are the top trends of today:

Mid-Century styling (candlestick silhouettes, curvy base)

Matte finishes in bright colors

Shades of sheer fabric

Bold fabrics

Drum shades

Place where you are most convenient. Consider where you spend the most time in your living space. A floor lamp can be placed in your chair so you can read the paper every morning. You might consider placing a floor lamp in your dining room if you have children who do their homework there. Many have matching table lamps or other fixtures, which allows you to layer your lighting.